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ON5 Group is a melting pot where cultures and backgrounds come together to realise the power of our diverse skills and interests.
Whether in marketing, environmental engineering, customer relations, project leadership, web development or sales, our multi-expertise teams are here to support our clients. Collective intelligence is what drives our ability to innovate and progress and this notion is at the heart of everything we do.
By joining us, you will join a family of talents who are driven by the desire to change the world through improved energy efficiency through innovative thinking and creativity.


Our Inspirational Values

The company is grounded in 4 essential values. They have been chosen in consultation with our employees as best representing our philosophy and actions.

“The willingness to help add value to the company and its expertise - and go that extra mile.” For ON5, this means, providing a dedicated taskforce that is commited to making a difference in the lives of our customers.

Customer satisfaction
“The aim to exceed client expectations, anticipate their needs and provide knowledge-based solutions.” For ON5, this means have a professional yet open communication system with our customers and providing excellent customer service from project start to finish.

“The ability to meet one's obligations, fulfil one's duties and accept the consequences of one's actions.” For ON5, this means taking ownership for everything we do, from programme implementation to assessing outcomes to devising new solutions.

“The ability of everyone to organise themselves in any circumstance, to define their priorities in a free space where everyone can take responsibility for their roles.” For ON5, this means empowering employees to take initiative and act courageously on the behalf of the company and its customers.

Great professional diversity to serve a great ambition

We are an ambitious company that relies on a wide range of business skills and varied professionals to achieve our goals. By working collectively, we create sustainable operational solutions and hit defined and measurable targets.

Despite the challenge, we are an optimistic brand. Our track record shows it is possible to meet the energy efficiency needed to take on the climate emergency.

Diversity and dynamism

  • ON5 Economies Energie Keyfigure 180

    From 10 to 200 employees between 2011 and 2018

  • ON5 Economies Energie Keyfigure 47 53

    53% women
    47% men

  • ON5 Economies Energie Keyfigure Parite

    50/50 gender-balance on the Executive Committee

  • ON5 Economies Energie Keyfigure 12

    14 nationalities

  • Moyenne d'âge

    Average age 31

Equality, multi-culturalism, diversity and inclusion.

ON5 Company is open to the world. Its richness comes from the diversity of women and men who work here. It is a powerful force for dynamism and creativity.
Our team believes multi-culturalism and inclusion of people with disabilities are essential to capture the many views that are needed in order for us to successfuly adapt to new challenges.
This belief is a source of open-mindedness and tolerance for us all, and a mark of our commitment to the key issue of social inclusion.

Our Collective Progress

Meet Karima, Jean-Michel and Rudy and discover an essential part of ON5 culture:
supporting our employees to help them grow.


“Grow with confidence”

Account manager

“I arrived at EdE in March 2015 as a CEE manager. I was then able to move on to work as an adviser, then as coordinator and today I am an account manager. I feel the company provided me with trust and great opportunities, by letting me move up within the same department. What I enjoy most day-to-day is the interaction with different employees to get the job done. What I like most about the firm more generally is that even after all the progress I’ve made I can still ask, 'what's the next step'? This is what gets me out of bed in the morning: nothing is set in stone. There are always new ideas to explore and new challenges to meet.”


“It's inspiring to know the company sets no limits, for employees or for itself. Once you realise this, anything is possible.”
Key Account Manager

“I joined Économie d’Énergie in 2012 as an administrative officer. I soon won their confidence through my personal commitment and the results I got with the tasks I was given.
In 2 years, I worked up through the portfolio manager position to the deputy supervisor. I was made team supervisor in 2013. Since 2014, I’ve been working in Sales as the Key Account Manager. Today I run a client portfolio that includes the biggest energy suppliers in France.
What I like about Économie d’Énergie is the positive energy in the air and the constant dynamism that allows the company to continually grow. In my average day, I meet and work with enriching clients and partners and keep me growing professionally. In Économie d’Énergie, I find that my colleagues are always available to help or lend an ear, even when they're working multiple projects. Our multi-disciplinarity and diverse team and the variety of skills we cover have really had an influence onme. There's a real openness, a real willingness to bring on the most committed employees, particularly those who want to develop professionally and who are interested in energy efficiency. It's inspiring to know the company sets no limits, for employees or for itself. Once you realise this, anything is possible.” Parce que chez Économie d’Énergie, c’est la pluridisciplinarité et la diversité des profils et des compétences qui m’ont le plus marquées. Il y a une vraie ouverture et une réelle volonté de faire grandir les collaborateurs les plus investis, souhaitant s’y développer. Savoir que la société n’impose et ne s’impose aucune limite est très inspirant. Car à partir de ce constat, tout est possible.”


“A spirit of initiative and independecne is promoted and encouraged: this is what drives me to grow.”

Customer Relations Manager

“I have been with Économie d’Énergie since the start, which means I have been able to watch and learn how to set up a company and how to develop different service chains. I started in October 2011, as an administrative officer on a 4-month temporary contract. After that, I joined the company as a client relations officer on a work-study basis (BTS NRC). When that finished, the company offered me a permanent contract. Having worked as a client relations officer for 4 years, I got the chance to move up to Assistant Manager of Client Relations; a year and a half later I was running the department. The human scale of the company and closeness among colleagues means I can stay in touch with all aspects of the business and build skills fast, particularly as the spirit of initiative and independence are promoted and encouraged. These two factors were what drive me to grow.”

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