The French company was founded in 2011 by Myriam Maestroni, former CEO the French gas suppplier group of Primagaz. Economie d’Énergie is the market leader in digital technologies that make renovating and optimising homes and buildings earsier and more affordable. The company has created and commercialised innovative programmes, based on digital platforms to help people save energy.
The company’s success is based on setting up unique partnerships with large organisations to help their employees, customers, tenants or students save energy at home, at work and in transportation. EdE is one of the limited number of French organisations accredited by the French Government to certify and value energy savings for its partners. The French national energy saving scheme is called Energy Saving Certificates (CEEs) equivalent to the White Certificates that large corporate energy users need to deliver.
Économie d’Énergie is an accelerator and a supporter of energy renovation and optimisation that aims to expand the energy saving market. Today it stands as a landmark on the energy efficiency map with a global chain of services that can meet the needs of any client.
Since 2016, Économie d’Énergie has also been accredited as an energy efficiency training provider. It supports clients in training their employees and partners on energy renovation and optimisation issues with a range of behavioural, engineering, financial and project management modules.

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