ON5 UK in a subsidiary of the French company Économie d’Énergie that aims to help 100,000 people to save energy by 2020 at home, at work or in transportation. ON5 UKs partners are large organisations that service a large number of employees, tenants, customers, students. These partners are passionate about helping their core stakeholders to save energy, a decision that brings their beneficiaries the dual benefits of energy saving: saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

ON5 UK turns energy consumers – employees, users, children, students and parents – into “eco-actors”, giving them the tools to better manage water, waste, electricity, well-being, nutrition and safety in a environmentally friendly manner.

In the UK, we have rolled out an employee engagement programme for Eriks – an international industrial service provider- and an innovative behaviour change programme for children in the Central Bedfordshire school district. We have also started a behaviour change programme for employees of a Food and Beverage manufacturer in West Yorkshire.

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