ON5 Italy was set up at the end of 2015, building on the group’s experience in France. Targeting both professional and individual customers, the company guides its clients through their energy renovation and efficiency programmes. It develops and promotes digital solutions, from energy audits to installer introductions, all backed up with a bespoke financing plan. This turns the energy transition – imposed and governed by EU regulations – into an opportunity for companies that see environmental strategy as a springboard for their own development.

ON5 offers personalised solutions which encourage eco-responsible behaviours and turn them into concrete energy savings, through innovative tools that optimise return on investment and track ongoing savings over time. In addition, ON5 Italy offers assistance and support in filing requests for Energy Saving Certificates (TEEs). From June 2016, ON5 SRL has also had UNI CEI 11352 certification, which allows the firm to trade as an ESCO. EU and national law gives ESCOs a crucial role in helping the companies that use their services to improve energy performance. ON5’s customisable offerings mean they can look at the specific needs of the client and build the best solution for them with clarity, confidence and professionalism.

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